Principal’s Welcoming Message

Principal Mr. Kevin hulbert“I love school!!!”  Those are the words we strive to hear from our students.   As a kindergarten through 6th grade elementary school, we recognize how important it is to have a fun, compassionate, caring and exciting atmosphere.   As a result, all of our staff members work hard to make sure each and every day at KES is another adventure into the wonderful land of learning.

As a No Excuses University (NEU) school and as a College For Every Student (CFES) school, we have established a vision where we work very hard to make sure we help students develop the skills necessary so they can take college prep courses in middle school and high school and so they can eventually go to college, if they so choose.   As a result,  don’t be surprised when you walk down the hallways of KES and you see college banners hanging up throughout the building.   Don’t be surprised when you walk through the hallways and you see students wearing their college t-shirts.   Finally, don’t be surprised when you learn that we have very high expectations for every single student here at KES.   Our students mean everything to us and we are obsessed when it comes to helping our students succeed.

I welcome everyone to a wonderful school year and I look forward to leading this school and continuing to make sure this “gem of a school” carries on its leadership role throughout the North Country, and most importantly, continues to help young people thrive and prosper.

Mr. Kevin Hulbert,
Principal, Keeseville Elementary School