Principal’s Welcoming Message

Life is filled with challenges and obstacles.  At the same time, life is filled with joy, wonder and miracles.  As an educator for the past 23 years, I have seen many miracles and a few tragedies, many phenomenons and some bewilderment.  Principal Mr. Kevin hulbertYet, throughout it all, I have seen young people grow up and become wonderful people in so many ways.

Currently, in education, “accountability” is the buzz word.  We all must be held accountable for the important role we play in educating the next generation. Well, I could never ask for a more rewarding job and opportunity and I am happy to spread the word about KES and to show all how accountable we are when it comes to helping young people grow and progress.  I am the principal of a caring, successful school.  I love it!!  My dreams are being fulfilled daily, and the students prove this to me each day.

KES is a wonderful place where all staff members understand the huge sacrifice they must make to help students succeed.  We will challenge our students and ourselves but we will make sure we keep everything in perspective and that we remember what we are here for and what we stand for at KES.  Students are not a number.  Students are not a score.  Students are our cherished people whom we care for and help grow. 

I am proud of KES and I am happy to say that Keeseville pride continues to spread; KES pride is STILL CONTAGIOUS and is multiplying as we speak.

Mr. Kevin Hulbert,
Principal, Keeseville Elementary School