AFES Annual Spelling Bee Champions 2018

AuSable Forks Elementary School held their annual Spelling Bee on Thursday January 11, 2018. Classroom winners from grades four through six competed for grade level winners and overall spelling bee champ.

Classroom winners are as follows: (first picture)

Bottom row: Colton Peck, Rocket Mongulla, Kathleen Peterson, Ben Peterson, Keegan Holzer, and Jaden Kurz.
Top Row: Kennedy Keefe, Tenley Rosio, Kyra Mitchell, Dylan Bombard, Addison Stanley, Camdyn Strong, Kyla Goyette and Violet Heald

Grade level winners as follows (second picture):

Bottom Row: Rocket Mongulla fourth grade winner, Kathleen Peterson fourth grade second place
Top row: Kennedy Keefe fifth grade winner, Tenley Rosio fifth grade second place; Addison Stanley sixth grade winner, Camdyn Strong sixth grade second place

Spelling Bee Champion for AuSable Forks (third picture): Addison Stanley