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AIS Services

Au Sable Valley Central School has developed a uniform process to determine which 3rd through 8th grade students will be offered AIS services in the areas of English Language Arts and Math during the 2016-17 school year.  Our district will use a two- step process to make decisions regarding AIS. First all students performing below the median scale score between a level two and level three on a grade 3-8 English Language Arts or Math assessment shall be considered for AIS. Then, Child study teams will use multiple measures to make final determinations on AIS eligibility.

ELA Math
3rd-below 299
4th-below 296
5th-below 297
6th-below 297
7th-below 301
3rd-below 293
4th-below 284
5th-below 289
6th-below 289
7th-below 290