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Principal’s Message

principal mason

On behalf of everyone here at Au Sable Forks Elementary I would like to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year! We are so excited to be part of such a caring and supportive community.

This year we continue to be a proud partner of the No Excuses University Network. This makes us part of a select group of schools that focus on six systems that are the most closely linked to academic and life success. This year we will continue our focus on these areas as follows:


  1. We will nurture a universal culture of achievement, where the expectation for all students to be proficient is the norm;
  2. We will increase the opportunities and types of collaboration between teachers and among teachers, parents and students;
  3. We will continue our work to align to the new Common Core curriculum;
  4. We will use classroom assessments that guide instruction and interventions;
  5. We will continue to use a system that allows us to easily manage and interpret data; and
  6. We will use data to drive academic and social interventions. All of these initiatives will be focused on the end game: producing citizens who are college and career ready.

As we continue to meet the goal of creating an exceptional school we cannot stress enough the critical role that parents play in this process. We invite your support, engagement and your participation. We will be asking parents to continue to support this challenge in a number of ways.

In English Language Arts we will be asking students to read as much non-fiction as fiction, to read much more for information, and to discuss and write about what they read using evidence gathered from the reading.

Parents can: read more non-fiction with their children and discuss the ideas within those pieces; and read aloud or read the same book, and discuss the book using evidence from the reading. Ask your child to provide evidence in daily discussions and disagreements.

In Mathematics we will be asking students to be able to use core math facts fast and fluidly and to be able to apply math in the real world.

Parents can: push students to know and memorize basic math facts, know which facts their children should know and practice the ones that they don’t; and ask your child to do the math that comes up in your daily life. Provide time every day for your child to work on math at home.


Finally, in Social-Emotional Growth we will be teaching students to be caring, kind learners who are good friends to everyone. We will have monthly themes, beginning with our “Start with Hello” theme for September, which will teach students about character as well as academics. We treat misbehavior as a mistake from which students can learn. Examining our behavior is an opportunity for growth and maturity.

I am so excited and grateful to be a part of the Au Sable Forks Elementary School. I invite you to become involved with our school in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. Above all, continue to share your dreams, successes and challenges for your children with me.

Thank you for the opportunity to work for your children and have a great school year!