College-bound Students

Monthly Calendar
The monthly calendar provides students with a checklist of things to consider when applying for colleges.

What Does the Admissions Office Look For?
College admissions staff members look for a number of criteria when accepting students to a college.  This section offers some quick facts about the admissions criteria as well.

Importance of High School
High school performance is the bulk of the college application process.  This section covers the importance of high school, some common mistakes, and different ways of becoming involved.

Entrance Exams
Entrance exams (SAT or ACT) are required for acceptance into most colleges.  This section breaks down the different exams and what to expect with each different assessment. ACT/SAT Dates & Information

Application Expectations
The college application process can be overwhelming, and this section helps lay out the expectations and gives common definitions of some key terms commonly used with counselors and admissions officers.

Financial Aid
The resources provided in this section help explain the financial aid process, answer frequently asked questions, and provide a framework for beginning to understand the financial aid process.

Online Resources
Here are some commonly visited websites that can help individuals navigate through the college process.

The following brochures are also available in the counseling office.
Student Brochure
Parent Brochure
Financial Aid Brochure

Where Do AVCS Grads Go to College?