Common Core Algebra I Regents Review Schedule

Common Core Algebra I Regents Review

 The Regents Examination in Common Core Algebra I will be held on Tuesday, June 12 in the afternoon.  Review classes will be held after school from 3:00 until 4:00 in room 510 on the following dates to help students prepare for the exam.  There is transportation home from the school at 4:00.  In addition, a half day review class will be held on the morning of June 12 before the Common Core Algebra I exam.

The schedule is as follows:

           Date                                              Topic_____        ______

Thursday, April 24            Properties/Operations with Radicals

Tuesday, April 26             Operations with Polynomials

Thursday, May 1              Simple Equations and Inequalities

Tuesday, May 3               Advanced Equations and Inequalities

Thursday, May 8              Graphing Linear Functions

Tuesday, May 10             Factoring

Thursday, May 15            Solving Quadratic Equations

Tuesday, May 17             Graphing Parabolas

Thursday, May 22            Solving Linear and Quadratic Systems

Thursday, May 24            Functions, Transformations, Sequences

Tuesday, May 31             Exponentials and Piecewise Functions

Thursday, June 7             Mixed Review

Tuesday, June 12            8:30-11:30   Mixed Review

Download the Common Core Review schedule