Career-bound Students

Resume and Cover Letter
This section will contain information for students to learn how to write a cover letter and put together a resume.  Writing a suitable cover letter and resume are crucial to present to future employers.  Helpful tips and samples of both forms will be available.

Job Hunting
The process of finding a job can be very challenging.  This section will offer advice on how to effectively access information on a job.  There is a five-step guide that makes searching for a job easier.

What to do in an interview
The interview is the final process when trying to obtain a job.  This section covers some of the basic do’s and do not’s of a job interview.

This is a link to the Champlain Valley Technical Education Center homepage that explains more about the vocational programs that students can choose to study beginning junior year.

Career Exploration
This is a section dedicated to different career exploration sites that students can access to gain more insight on different types of careers.  Some of the sites offer interest surveys and help match possible careers with interests that were expressed within the assessments.

Military Careers
Military options can include careers in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Reserves.  The following section contains links to each of the websites to help gain a better understanding of each division and the careers that are available.  Military recruiters come to AuSable Valley at certain times throughout the year.  If interested in a career in the military, please talk to your counselor so they can get in contact with a recruiter.