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What to do in an interview

Do some research. Learn about the company.
It is important to have some background information about the job before the interview.  Information such as company policies and dress code can be found on websites, career services, and brochures.
While researching, think about questions to ask the interviewer about the position that is being applied for.  Asking questions shows that applicants have done research and are genuinely interested in the position.

Begin to think what work experience, classes, and activities relate to the job that is being applied for.  Sell yourself with what you have done.

Come prepared.
Do practice interview with family, friends, and counselors.  Set up mock interviews and practice some of the frequently asked questions.

Be early.
Allow plenty of time to get to the interview.  Know where the interview will take place and even visit the site in advance to determine how long it takes to get there.

Dress to impress.
Tailor the attire to the position that is being applied for.  Wear clean clothing that fits well.  Never wear jeans or t-shirts.  Simple is better; avoid showing piercing or tattoos, and do not go overboard on jewelry or perfume.

Bring extra copies of your resume and references.

Be assertive.  Be honest.  Speak slowly.
Nerves can often come with a job interview, but it is important to speak slowly and pause to college thoughts.  Be honest with the questions that are asked and focus on how you learned from any mistakes.  The interview allows the applicant to learn if the job fits him or her, so it is important to be assertive.