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Special Education

Ms DefayetteCommittee on Special Education/Committee on Preschool Special Education
Director of Special Education’s Message

The Committee on Special Education (CSE) is responsible for identifying students who have disabilities and arranging appropriate special services and programs. Aimee Defayette serves as the District’s Director of Special Education. There is a wide continuum of supports and services available. Programs range from specialized academic instruction in small class settings to additional support in the regular classroom. Related services, such as speech therapy, physical and occupational therapies, and counseling are also provided.

If you believe that your child may have a disability, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with your child’s teachers, school counselor, and principal. You may also call the Special Education Office at 834-2800 for further information. Once a referral is made, a comprehensive evaluation is completed by a team of educators and specialists.

You will be invited to participate in a meeting to review evaluation results and to consider recommendations. Students who meet eligibility requirements will have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed to address special learning needs.

If you are the parent of a preschool child and are concerned about your child’s development, you may also call the Special Education Office. Information about preschool evaluations and services is available. The District encourages early identification of disabilities and provision of services to ensure that your child has a happy and successful adjustment to kindergarten. You can access the Parent’s Guide to Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21 by going to

Aimee Defayette
Director – Special Education
Ausable Valley Central School
1490 Route 9N
Clintonville, NY 12912
518-834-2800 ext. 3502