Enroll A Student

Enroll a New Student in AuSable Valley Middle School or  High School


AuSable Valley Middle/High School Transfer/Transient Student Entrance Procedure

The following documents needed to be completed prior to entrance into AuSable Valley Central School District.

  1. Entrance Form & Home Language Questionnaire – Please complete this form with all information
  2. Proof of District Residency Form – You must provide documentation showing proof of district residency (utility or tax bill, driver’s license, lease, etc. showing the physical address)
  3. Health Requirements for Admission
    – Acknowledgement of Admission Requirements
    – Proof of Immunization Records
  4. Free/Reduced Lunch Application- If applicable
  5. Health History
  6. Attendance Slip – To be completed if you wish to be notified when your child(ren) are not in school
  7. Email Notification – Complete if wish to receive emailed notifications
  8. Document Review/Permission Slip – This form is to be signed by both parent and student that the District’s Attendance Policy, Code of Conduct and Student Handbook were reviewed, and also for permission for photographs/videos, and military recruiters.
  9. Computer/Internet Access – Must be signed by both parent and student for access to school computers.
  10. Custody/Legal Guardianship – Must provide any Custody/Guardianship Orders stating who has Sole/Joint/Physical custody of child(ren)


After all documents have been completed the following protocol is established.

The Director of Counseling will review any residency or custodial issues to get cleared from Superintendent

Records will be requested from previous school

Once records are received counselor will review and schedule student – If there is an IEP the Director of CSE will need to first review IEP before entrance.

Parent will receive call for start date with bus information