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The AuSable Valley Central School District believes that it is the responsibility of the Board of Education and staff to empower all students to reach their highest potential by:

  • Upholding standards of academic performance defined by New York State as the minimum competencies required of all students for promotion to the next educational level.
  • Establishing policies and allocating resources to promote basic skills acquisition and to foster mastery beyond minimal competency levels.
  • Motivating and providing the means that enable students to exceed mandated standards and to strive for academic, personal, and social excellence.
  • Establishing, modeling, and upholding standards of personal behavior and community responsibility for all students.
  • Articulating a K-12 curriculum that builds upon prior learning and forms a continuous educational experience.
  • Using district enrollment and the articulated curriculum to form the foundation for all management decisions within the district.
  • Implementing ways to strengthen the curriculum by including innovations and new technologies that enhance education and workforce preparation.
  • Actively creating educational partnerships with parents, community members, businesses, and local agencies.
  • Supporting the spirit and process of shared decision making.
  • Routinely reviewing and amending, when necessary, policies, procedures, programs, and services to continually improve the educational process