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Principal’s Message

Principal PerezHere at AuSable Valley High School we work very hard to help students find a path to a successful future. As an educator of over 10 years I have seen how a high school diploma is vital to a student’s success.

Education is in many ways the beginning of a brighter future for all. The milestone of a high school diploma is a very important step for all students. There are some students that will never step foot in a classroom after high school but these same students will be out in the work force. A high school diploma is the first step in ensuring that you are valued fairly against the others competing with you for that same job. For those moving on to further their education through college, technical school, or other forms, high school is the foundation for you to build on. I truly believe that any students not completing their high school requirements are putting themselves at a disadvantage in life.

High Schools are not what we remember them to be. Things have gotten a lot more complicated and in many ways more difficult. This makes it so very important that we look at the relationship between students, faculty/staff, and families as a necessary team. Working together we can overcome much more than individually. It is important to open the lines of communication much more than we ever have. In the past we used to wait until there was a problem before asking for help or reaching out. I think those days are a thing of the past. I would like to personally invite students and their families to contact me and the faculty/staff of Au Sable Valley with any questions, concerns, or even a simple hello.

AuSable Valley High School is also about having fun and that is why we offer a variety of different sports, musical/arts opportunities, clubs, student government and more ways for students to get involved. We encourage students to get involved in the different parts of high school life. We also are very proud to be “Patriots” here at AuSable and we encourage school spirit to be celebrated every day. We have very talented students and it is so much fun to see them in different environments!

This is a very special student body, faculty and staff that I have the pleasure to work with. Together they build a very welcoming and accepting environment for all. They also happen to be very talented as shown by their success in the different parts of high school life.

I want everyone to know that I enjoy my job very much. I see every day as a new day and look forward to what the day may bring. I look forward to working with every student and his/her family. I want to be part of every student’s team. I look forward to working together with students, their families, and the community to ensure a better future for the students of Au Sable Valley.

Javier Perez, Principal
AuSable Valley High School