Important Update From Superintendent Paul Savage

At AVCS we take all matters of student, parent and community safety seriously. In an attempt to keep you informed we have developed the following question and answer document in response to questions that have been asked due to the recent events as they pertain to school safety at AVCS. Please be advised, that at the direction of the State Police, there is an ongoing investigation and therefore, some of your direct questions may not be able to be answered due to the legal rights of all parties involved. Once again, the NYS Police have assured us that there is NO credible threat to the students, staff, teachers, families, and community of AuSable Valley Central School District.
1. Q: Is there a safety threat at the AVCS? A: According to the New York State Police, they have confirmed that there is no credible threat to our students or our community. The NYS Police have allowed us to share that the social media account created was fictitious and that the named student is a victim of slander/identity theft. Further, at no time was there a threat made by anyone threatening to shoot our school or anyone at our school.
2. Q: In light of the fact that there is no safety threat, has the investigation ended? A: No. New York State Police are continuing to investigate what transpired on social media and who is responsible.
3. Q: What do I tell my child before he/she goes to school tomorrow? A: It is appropriate to tell your children that their school is safe. They may see a police officer at school and they may see police officers driving around the parking lot or in town. The police officer is there to help everyone transition back to school, even though there is no threat. If they have questions while they are at school they can ask their Principal or teacher.
4. Q: Why haven’t there been more updates? A: Since it’s inception, we have been working closely with the NYS Police throughout the weekend to bring you the most up to date information possible without compromising the investigation or infringing on the rights of the parties involved. This document has been created to assist in putting your minds at ease.
5. Q: What current safety measures are in place at AVCS? A: Secure entry, video/ cameras in schools, video/audio cameras on busses, periodic training with NYS Police, Counseling services in all buildings.
Next Steps: An informational meeting for the public will be held on Monday, February, 26th at 7:00pm at the Middle/High School Auditorium. All are invited to attend.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s building Principal.