AuSable Forks Elementary

AuSable Forks Elementary School is located in the picturesque Adirondack village of AuSable Forks, “where the east meets west” (This refers to the two beautiful rivers- the East branch and the West branch of the AuSable river, that combine in AuSable Forks).

AuSable Forks ElementaryAuSable Forks Elementary houses Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade, and has an enrollment of approximately 250 students. We are very proud of our school and our community. The staff, families, and community all work together to make AFES the success that it is. Our friendly, warm, family-style atmosphere helps students to feel welcome and comfortable; as well as to be successful.

We believe in a Universal Culture of Achievement, where everyone involved with our students sets the same high expectations for students, which will allow students to have the skills needed to attend college if they so choose.

The AFES Staff and Faculty Pledge
At Au Sable Forks Elementary School we are committed to creating a school that will Achieve and Foster Educational Success. Our goal is that Every student on our campus, without exception and without excuse, will be proficient or advanced in reading, writing, and math.

AFES Family Pledge
We, as parents and families of the students at AFES, are 100% committed to being active participants in our child’s education. Our family will provide the environment needed to ensure excellence in education. We will make sure our children are rested, nourished, prepared and on time each day, without excuse. The support we provide our children will be steadfast and unwavering.

AFES Student Pledge
We, as students at AFES, believe in the brightness of our future.
We commit to:

  • Improving our academic skills by paying attention, working hard, and completing and turning in homework
  • Coming to school every day on time unless we are ill
  • Following the four B’s and developing our character

At AFES we believe that we have the power to make college part of our future.

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