6100 – HEALTH – – ½ High School Credit

This 9th-12th grade course focuses on the Health Triangle, which consists of physical, social and mental/emotional health development areas.  The following units are included in each of these areas:

  • Physical Development:  Growth & Body Development; Personal Care; Nutrition &Physical Activity; Diseases & Disorders; Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs; Prenatal Development & Birth; Personal Safety & Injury Prevention.
  • Social Development:  Safe & Healthy Relationships; Violence Prevention; Environmental Health Issues; Communication Skills.
  • Mental/Emotional Development:  Developing a Positive Self-Concept; Understanding/Managing Emotions; Stress & Anxiety Management; Mental Health Disorders; Suicide Prevention.

The goal of this course is to actively involve students in gathering up-to-date information and utilizing this information to make positive decisions regarding their overall health, both now and in their futures.

6006 – PERSONAL HEALTH CCC* –  – 1 High School Credit – – 3 CCC Credits

*Open to juniors and seniors only.
This course emphasizes the importance of knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to personal health.  Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to emotional and mental health, drug and alcohol use, physical fitness, nutrition, child abuse identification, schools against violence in education training and human sexuality.  This course may be used to fulfill 0 .5 of the 2.0 Physical Education requirements for graduation.

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