5402 – – HIGH SCHOOL JAZZ CHOIR – – 1 High School Credit

Prerequisite: Students are selected for this course through audition.
This course is comprised of a select group of students in grades 9-12.  Although the Jazz Choir performs music from all time periods and styles, its primary focus is on vocal jazz music.  A heavy emphasis is placed on vocal improvisation, a primary component of jazz tunes.  Jazz Choir members are expected to work toward mastery of the following concepts:

  • The ability to sing alone or with others their Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass (SATB) arrangement part.
  • The ability to sight-read an eight-measure piece of music alone or in 2, 3 or 4 parts.
  • The ability to improvise a scat solo with accompaniment using a stylistically appropriate approach.
  • The ability to identify and perform common vocal jazz inflections.

5401 – – HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT CHOIR – – 1 High School Credit

This 9th-12th grade course introduces students to a solid choral experience.  A wide variety of choral literature is sung primarily in Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass (SATB) fashion.  Musical concepts and singing, in addition to rehearsing and performing skills are emphasized throughout the year.  Students are expected to work towards mastery of the following concepts:

  • Good rehearsal and performance habits.
  • Appropriate vocal blending.
  • The ability to sight-read an eight-measure piece.
  • Proper vocal skills taught through warming up, rehearsing, and performing music in preparation for two annual concerts.

5403 – – WIND ENSEMBLE – – 1 High School Credit

This is a performance-based course for students in grades 9-12.  Eighth grade students at an advanced level will be considered for enrollment as well.  Students will rehearse and perform varied Concert Band repertoire with two to three performances throughout the school year.  Students will be required to take instrumental lessons in addition to scheduled class time.  Students will be given the opportunity to attend concerts given by professional musicians and ensembles as much as possible.

5404 – – JAZZ ENSEMBLE – – 1 High School Credit

Prerequisites:  Student are accepted into this course through audition and must be concurrently enrolled in Wind Ensemble.
This performing ensemble is comprised of the school’s most advanced instrumentalists.  Standard jazz repertoire is studied and performed.  Techniques for improvisation are presented.  Famous performers and composers of the jazz genre are also studied for their musical, cultural and historical contributions.  Students perform at a variety of events throughout the school year, in addition to seeking out opportunities to attend other jazz performances to expand their knowledge.

5405 – – MUSIC THEORY – – 1 High School Credit

Prerequisite:  It is recommended that students have previous performance experience.
This two-year sequential course is offered to students in grades 9-12 and is team taught by Mr. Collier and Mrs. Saulsgiver.  The first year of this curriculum focuses on music composition and arrangement.  The second year curriculum is performance-based, using guitar and keyboard instruments.

5414 – – THEATRE ARTS – – ½ High School Credit

This course explores the following:
Theatre History—understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of  – – theatre to both past and present society.  Students will interpret how theatre  – – reflects the beliefs, issues and events of societies. Using the basic elements of  – – theatre (speech, gesture, costume, etc.) and a variety of activities (play and  – – character analysis, monologues, group performance, etc.) students will explain  – – how different theatrical styles represented the cultures of various historical eras.
Musical Production—understanding the fundamentals of musical production.   – – Students will gain knowledge of the technical skills required in a theatre  – – production, recognize the collaborative process involved, how to access and  – – utilize community and other resources, understand and use the vocabulary of  – – theatre, identify and practice safety precautions and procedures, and be aware of  – – career and employment opportunities related to theatre.  Using fundamentals of  – – theatre production, students will work on a mock musical production, or the  – – school musical production, incorporating various elements of production such as  – – set design, stage lighting, stage sound, stage properties, costuming, make-up and hair, stage management (crew) and artistic elements (direction, choreography, vocals & orchestration).

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