The High School Experience

Your high school experience is a partnership between you, your parents and many educators. As your school counselors, we encourage you to actively participate in establishing, designing and achieving your academic and personal goals. It is important that you have a basic understanding of graduation requirements and career options. Therefore, we’d like to share with you some frequently asked questions:

What do I need to graduate?

Requirements to graduate vary depending on the kind of diploma you seek. Generally, there are two types of high school diplomas: Regents Diploma and Advanced Regents Diploma. These diplomas differ to some degree in both course and exam requirements, as follows:

Regents Diploma Adv. Regents Diploma
Content Area Credits Content Area Credits
 English 4 English 4
Social Studies 4 Social Studies 4
Math 3 Math 3
Science 3 Science 3
Foreign Language 1 Foreign Language 3*
Art/Music 1 Art/Music 1
Health .50 Health .50
Physical Education 2 Physical Education 2
Electives 3.5 Electives 1.5
Total: 22.0 Total: 22.0

Note: *Students acquiring 5 units in Art, Music, Business, Technology or Vocational Education may be exempt.



Regents Diploma Adv. Regents Diploma
English Language Arts English Language Arts
Regents Math Exam 3 Regents Math Exams
Regents Global History Exam Regents Global History Exam
Regents US History Exam Regents US History Exam
Regents Science Exam 2 Regents Science Exams
(1 Life Science & 1 from Physical Science)
Local Foreign Language Exam*

Note: *Students acquiring 5 units in Art, Music, Business, Technology or Vocational Education may be exempt.



2009 and thereafter Score 65 or above on 5 required Regents Exams.
Earn 22 units of credit.
Score 65 or above on 8 required Regents Exams and Local Foreign Language Exam.
Earn 22 units of credits.

Note: There are Safety Nets available for students with disabilities who are pursuing a regular high school diploma. These options would fulfill requirements for a Local Diploma.

Students pursuing a Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential or a Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential will have graduation and career requirements tailored to their individual needs. These requirements will differ to various extents from the Local, Regents and Advanced Regents Diplomas.

How will my counselors help me reach my goals of graduation?

Your counselors will meet with you at least once a year to discuss your interests, career goals and academics. This meeting is called your Annual Review. During this time we will help you choose appropriate courses for next year. These courses will not only meet graduation and testing requirements, but also prepare you for your career goals.

How do I choose a vocational education program at Champlain Valley Technical Education Center (CV-TEC)?

During your sophomore year you will be introduced to the programs at CV-TEC and invited to visit their campus. At your Annual Review you should discuss with your counselor whether attending CV-TEC will be the best option to meet your career goals. You must meet the AVCS academic criterion to be eligible to attend CV-TEC.

What are my options following graduation?

Students pursue a variety of experiences after graduating from high school, including joining the workforce, entering a military career and/or attending college or other higher educational institutions. Explore your options by speaking with your parents/guardians, teachers and counselor. Seek information. Work hard. Take appropriately challenging coursework. Reach for your dreams. These will all increase the choices available to you following graduation.

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