Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If AVCS is closed for a vacation or superintendent’s day and my child’s non-public/parochial school is open, will we still receive transportation?

A. No – Under New York State education law and AVCS District policy, the school district does not have to provide transportation to non-public/parochial schools when district schools are closed. However, the district must provide transportation to and from a special needs school location or program if the parent(s) request transportation.

Q. If AVCS is on an opening delay, how does that affect my child’s transportation to non-public/parochial school?

A. If AVCS is on a one or two hour delay, your child will be picked up one or two hours later than their normal pick-up time. For example, if the regular pick-up time is at 7:30 a.m., and there is a one-hour delay the student would be picked up at 8:30 a.m.

Q. If AVCS is open and running on time, but my child’s non-public/parochial school or BOCES program is opening on a delay, how does that affect my child’s transportation?

A. AVCS provides transportation to non-public /parochial schools and/or BOCES programs based on each individual school’s delayed opening time. For example, if a child is attending a special education program at CVES in Plattsburgh and CVES delayed two hours due to inclement weather, that child will be picked up by AVCS transportation two hours later than the regular boarding time.

Q. How is the “15-mile limit” determined for my child’s non-public/parochial school transportation?

A. Students who request transportation to and from their non-public /parochial schools must live within 15 miles of that school. The “15 mile limit” begins at the end of the student’s driveway or the AVCS assigned pick-up location for your child, and runs to the front door of the student’s non-public /parochial school.

Q. How will I be notified of my child’s transportation to his/her non-public /parochial school?

A. Parents will receive a letter from the transportation department with their child’s bus number, location and approximate pick-up and drop-off times usually by the end of August.

Q. Are school buses allowed to turn right on red?

A. No  – If a school bus is transporting children, it is illegal for that bus to turn right on red.

Q. May my student bring a pet or other animal/reptile/bird on the bus?

A. No. Animals are prohibited from being transported on the school bus.

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