Is the Bus Late?

We work very hard to keep our buses on schedule. Under normal circumstances your student can expect the bus within 1-2 minutes of its normal time. If your student’s bus is late it is most likely for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Traffic delays
  2. Weather and/or road conditions
  3. Delays caused by the bus waiting for students not ready at their bus stop
  4. Delays due to a substitute driver not familiar with the route
  5. Delays caused by mechanical problems

Please do not call the bus garage unless your student’s bus is more than 10 minutes late.
You and your student can help keep buses on time: In order to shorten transportation time for students and make sure buses keep on schedule, students should be outside at the bus stop five minutes before their bus is supposed to arrive.

A one-minute delay at one stop waiting for a student makes the bus one minute late for the rest of the run. Should this occur at 20 stops this adds 20 minutes to the bus ride for the students on the bus and would make the bus 20 minutes late for school!

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