Motorist’s Responsibilities

When approaching a school bus motorist must:

Be Prepared: be prepared to stop if the school bus stops for a pickup or drop off.

Slow down: Flashing yellow lights warn that the bus is about to stop. You should begin to slow your vehicle and prepare to stop.

Stop: Red lights signal that all traffic must stop from either direction.

Proceed: Only when the red lights are turned off.

Be aware: Children may be approaching a stopped school bus from any direction or they may need to cross the road after exiting a stopped school bus.

Remember: School buses cannot turn right on red while transporting students and must stop at all railroad crossings.

NOTE: It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus on a road, on school property, or at any location when its red lights are flashing. If convicted of passing a stopped school bus, the minimum fine is $250–400 and/or 30 days in jail for the first offense. Drivers convicted of passing a stopped school bus will also receive a 5-point infraction on their license for each violation. This law is strictly enforced and all violators will be fully prosecuted.

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