KES School Programs & Clubs

Accelerated Reader Program:

This program is designed primarily for 1st through 3rd graders. Students are encouraged to read AR books and afterwards take a comprehension test. Students earn points based on the results of the comprehension tests they complete. Students who reach grade level goals (points earned) receive awards quarterly and at the end of the school year.

Stop-Look-Listen Program:

This is another program which encourages the love of reading at KES. Parents of students in grades K-6th can earn a gold medal by listening to their children read 15 minutes a day, ten times per month between October and May. While students benefit from the STOP – LOOK -LISTEN project, the goal of the project is to recognize and reward parents for their participation. Contact the school (834-2839) to enroll in the program.

500 x 5 Program:

In an effort to help ensure that all children enter school ready to read, this program encourages parents to read at least 500 books to their preschool children by the time they reach the age of five. Contact the school (834-2839) to enroll in the program.


This is a community service club which promotes the value of helping the community and students in this club will promote and teach others how to solve problems in non-violent ways. Since the focus of this group is leadership, membership is limited to only fifth and sixth grade students. This club is sponsored by the Kiwanis.

Diversity Club:

This club was designed to give 4th, 5th and 6th grade students the opportunity to promote the diverse population of students we have at KES.  Through activities and school-wide events, this club can help everyone learn to love our differences instead of just tolerating them of using them of using them as a point of bullying/harassment.

Homework Club:

This after school club was designed to give students the opportunity to complete schoolwork between 2:15-3:00 pm. Students are at times encouraged to participate in this club by their teachers. Room is limited in this club so it is important for parents to contact the school if they are interested in having their child stay after school to complete homework.

 Very Important Person Week (previously known as Older Citizen’s Week):

As a way of thanking our students’ relatives for their support, KES students offer a “VIP” invitation to a relative so he/she can eat lunch with their grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, etc. on a select day. This week is generally during the month of April or May. Please pay attention to the monthly calendars for more upcoming information.

Ski Club:

Students experience the basics of cross country skiing.

Piano Club:

Students learn the basic skills related to playing the piano/keyboard.

First Grade Reading Rocks Club:

First graders participate in fun reading exercises after school hours.

First Grade Numbers Ninja Club:

First graders participate in fun math exercises after school hours.

College For Every Student:

Sixth graders participate in mentoring, college awareness and leadership through service activities.

STEM Club:

5th and 6th graders participate in fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities after school.

Tai Chi Club:

6th grade students learn the basics of Tai Chi.

Journalism Club:

Students organize and prepare a school newspaper periodically throughout the school year.

3rd/4th Grade Chorus:

Students prepare songs for school concerts.

5th /6th Grade Chorus:

Students prepare songs for school concerts.

5th/6th Band:

Students learn the basics related to playing an instrument and they perform in a band during school concerts.

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